• March 26, 2021

Reconstruct Mars’ Chaotic History Using Martian Meteorites

In Jessica Barnes’ palm is an ancient, coin-sized mosaic of glass, minerals, and rocks as thick as a strand of wool fiber. It is a slice of Martian meteorite, known as Northwest Africa 7034 or Black Beauty, that was formed when a huge impact cemented together various pieces of Martian crust. Barnes is an assistant…

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How to Navigating Beneath the Arctic Ice Without Use GPS

There is a lot of activity beneath the vast, lonely expanses of ice and snow in the Arctic. Climate change has dramatically altered the layer of ice that covers much of the Arctic Ocean. Areas of water that used to be covered by a solid ice pack are now covered by thin layers only 3…

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Understanding the Environment Below In Artic

After arriving at the Arctic Submarine Lab’s ice camp last spring, the research team deployed a number of conductivity-temperature-depth probes to gather data about the aquatic environment in the Arctic. To successfully navigate throughout the Arctic, the U.S. Navy and other entities in the region need to understand how these changes in sound propagation affect…

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